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Malcolm Palmer's earliest memories were of his mother , a folk singer with an astonishing voice who would sing to Malcolm in the womb and as a baby. Acting as his earliest influence and the most significant, she provided the foundation that later motivated him to pursue a musical career. With vivid memories of home audio recordings with his mother and brother, this marked the start of his musical journey. Acknowledging at a very young age his gift for singing, his songwriting came as a natural evolution from his upbringing.

Through his more formative years Malcolm gravitated toward artists such as Joni Mitchell, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. But no artist inspired him like the works of Bob Dylan. He idolized Dylan for his timeless quality and ability to inspire listeners across generational boundaries. This proved true for Malcolm as he reconnected with Dylan later in his life finding that even though his songs had changed in meaning, they still evoked the same powerful emotions as he experienced earlier in his life.

After high school Malcolm began to explore different genres attempting to expand his musical palette and search for a sound that resonated from within him. From reggae to the Motown sound, Malcolm studied different genres and sounds even recording a country album at one point. Even though these genres were extremely different in sound, Malcolm created a similar theme amongst these groups. They all embodied the quintessential folk element of storytelling.

He eventually moved to Chicago where he joined the band Stuntcat. There he was able to develop the compositional craft of songwriting by working with two other songwriters. Eventually the band split and Malcolm adopted an urban feel to his songs turning more towards social commentary than storytelling.

In an industry where corporations and conglomerates determine what social concerns and themes are appropriate for their artists to voice, Malcolm's songs emanate from the core. Inspired from the reality around him and from within him , and not the reality created or dictated by the media he has come full circle with his songs. This is especially apparent on Malcolm's next album which is currently in production and in the songs he has chosen to feature on Acoustic Chicago.

Choosing to feature Armageddion on Acoustic Chicago , the song exemplifies all the musical qualities he has garnered up to this point in his musical journey. A firm believer in the power of music, he attempts to inspire others to act and evoke change by singing about the social and global injustices that exist today.

As for the future? He has a desire to experience other cultures, and incorporate those experiences into and express them through his music. Malcolm looks forward to traveling and seeing the world on his own terms, being able to comment on the society he grew up in from a different point of view.  

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